Terms & Conditions TEXT

  1. The purchasers shall give their full names and addresses, and provide proof of identification.
  2. A minimum deposit of 10% deposit on in stock items and a minimum deposit of 25% deposit for goods to be purchased on request, unless otherwise agreed. (international and interstate buyers to establish credit before purchase)
  3. Each item of purchase must be paid for in full before delivery (unless otherwise organized)
  4. Anton Venoir interiors, guarantee authenticity and warranty is given with every item for sale, and are responsible for the correct description.
  5. Anton Venoir interiors are not responsible and do not give guarantee or warranty to any works, restorations, alterations or repairs carried out by purchaser.
  6. Should any damages arise in quality of goods purchased, due to negligence, Anton Venoir interiors will not be bound to deliver more than original purchase condition, any repair or restoration work due to negligence will be at the purchaser’s expense.
  7. Payments to be cash, bank cheque or direct bank transfer. All monies must be cleared before delivery of goods (cheques or transfers). (all goods are received for storage at the purchasers risk)
  8. Upon the failure of any purchaser to comply with the above conditions the deposit shall be forfeited and legal action will be taken to recover any outstanding payment (including any expenses involved).
  9. Events:   should any damages arise in quality of goods, due to negligence, or accident during the set – up of an event, or during the hired time and use of space, and or pack up of an event including the time after the hired time of the space hire, persons booking the event or space hire,  will held fully responsible and be  bound to the cost of repairs, or restoration, to original purchase condition, or  purchase of damaged pieces  at current retail valued price.  Any repair or restoration work due to negligence or accidental damage, must be made by a registered and qualified antiques restorer.